Oaktree Park (2017- 2018​)

'Oaktree Park' is a caravan site located in Hampshire where my nan (Marjorie) has lived for the past seven years.


Despite Marjorie and several of her neighbours being at the forefront of this project, they are deliberately excluded from my images. Instead of using the residents physicality to convey a narrative I use their living space. Accordingly my photography examines the personal domestic environment or more specifically what the objects within it can reflect about the dweller.

In regards to the narrative, the incorporation of handwritten text in my books and sound in my film piece is crucial. When bought together, each layer serves to provide fresh information or more precisely as another hint to the character of my subjects.

"In the end, it’s about the elderly, about the memories that are attached to things with a life of their own. Older people’s homes are more important to them, especially if they cannot leave them." John Gillett, 2018.